*NEW* – Dispoable liner pedicure system

We provide completely sanitary, fungus-free disposable liner pedicure system.

Special Packages – Nature Manicure + Pedicure … $35

Kids Specials – under 11 years old

Available – Spa Special Parties, Gift certificates and Student Specials

Spa Manicure $25 – Collagen & Heated Gloves.  Pamper yourself with a hand soak, and exfoliation of the skin, a pressure point massage. We shape, trim cuticle, hand massage, apply nail strengthener, and finish with your favorite color or buff to shine!

White Tea Spa $59 –  Specifically treats rough, dry and calloused skin to improve the appearance of your feet. A deep exfoliation scrub and callus eliminator, followed by a hydrating masque with collagen hot booties. A relaxing Hot Stone Massage with white tea oil.

– Ant-oxidant superstar helps protect skin from free radical damage
– 2x as effective as green tea
– Contains active compounds that prevent environmental damage
– Helps prevent breakdown of collagen & elastin

Golden Mystique Spa – Gold Spa will enhance elasticity, improve circulation, calming and detoxification, protect from environmental radicals, regulate skin discoloration and improve skin texture.

– Gold Spa Salt, Scrub
– Gold Spa Body Butter
– Paraffin Heel
– Holistique Reflex (30min.)
– Revitalizing Mask
– Callus Removal
– Heated Bootie

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*NEW* – Color Gel Manicure

No Damage to natural nails, dries instantly, lasts up to 2 weeks and No more chips…