Hand Care

Hand Care
Hand Care

Kids Specials (under 11 years old)

Let us pamper your hands with a caring touch. We cares, massage, moisturize and perfect your hands and nails to soften your skin and beauty your appearance. In addition, we paint your nails in any color; from deep, sexy reds to innocent, flowery pinks to exciting and electric blues and purples. Our goal is to help you show off your hands with pride.

Natural Manicure

Nails are cleansed and shaped, cuticles treated and hands and fingers are massaged.

Spa Manicure

Collagen & Heated Gloves

Pamper yourself with a hand soak, and exfoliation of the skin, a pressure point massage.

We shape, trim cuticle, hand massage, apply nail strengthener, and finish with your favorite color or buff to shine!

(Sugar Scrub & Mask) Pamper yourself with a hand soak, an exfoliation of the skin, a pressure point massage. We shape, trim cuticle, hard massage, apply nail strengthener and finish with your favorite color or buff to shine!

The classic French manicure and pedicure
The classic French manicure has produced spinoffs like the French pedicure, pictured here, the colored or “funky” French, and the reverse French.

Legend has it, Cleopatra wore red nail polish.

Color can say so much. Red lips say “daring,” a black gown “timeless,” white sundress “fresh.” Neon anything says “I wasn’t around in the ’80s.” And a French manicure? Neutral, understated, and goes with absolutely anything.

You see it almost as much today as you did in the ’30s. Whether the “Frenchie” truly is French is up for debate — some say the ever-stylish Parisians were the first to wear the nude base with crisp, white tips; others say Max Factor invented it and the “French” label is there for effect. Stylistas do love Paris.

Wherever it came from, the French manicure has remarkable staying power. Some fashion experts say it’s very “last decade,” but women all over the world still walk into salons and request the elegant standby: pink, beige or nude base tipped with pure white. It goes easily from work to drinks to red carpet, and if you dress like you’re over 20 you won’t find much it doesn’t match. Thus its popularity: French nails are versatile. They can also be one of those makeup tricks that make you look naturally, effortlessly perfect. People standing 10 feet away may wonder if your beautiful nails are polished at all.

Truly effortless, though, they are not. French manicures require a steady hand and real precision if they’re going to look good.

It’s not a quick paint-and-go manicure, but it’s very doable with some practice. Here, we’ll go through the steps of achieving great French-manicured nails with those perfect, white tips.

And really, the tip does need to be perfect.

American manicure
An American manicure looks a lot like its French cousin — just a touch more natural.

Nail color, like so many seemingly innocuous choices in life, can say more about us than we realize. Historically speaking, this is especially true: In ancient China, the color of one’s nails could indicate social status. Ancient Egypt supposedly had the same type of manicure ranking.

Modern manicures may be a bit less specific to social rank, but the general feeling holds true: Choice of nail color and style can make a statement. Certainly, pink-rhinestone-coated nails say something very different from, say, a French manicure.

The Frenchie, to some the elegant go-to style, is no longer the only choice to achieve a near-natural look that is nonetheless luxuriously manicured. A more recent development in nail news posits the “American manicure” as an alternative to the classic white-tipped look.

Was it invented in America? Who knows? (The French manicure may or may not have come from France, after all.)

To the untrained observer, American-manicured nails may look exactly like French ones, but they are subtly, perhaps significantly different. The American manicure foregoes the classic, stark-white tip for a more neutral one, creating an even more natural, blended look. Rather than painting (or airbrushing) the nail tip white, an American manicure goes with an ivory, off-white or pale nude.

Some experts claim the nail shape changes as well, from a squared tip in the French style to a rounded American one. Others say no tip shape is especially associated with either style.

Regardless, it’s an update on the classic French manicure that can be a nice change for women looking for a barely made-up appearance. In this article, we’ll see how to apply your own American manicure for that “Are those perfect nails even polished?” effect.

Meet the “American manicure”…

Polish Change

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